Bharatesh Education Trust’s Global Business School observed the Vigilance Awareness Week
to promote awareness and significance of integrity, transparency and accountability in public
life for overall development of our country. Dr. Prasad addressed the students on promotion of
integrity and highlighting the significance of transparent deals.
Dr. A. R. Rotti, guided the students on national integrity and role of greet leaders in our freedom
fight. Sir highlighted the role of Information Technology system in better customer service
delivery mechanism. Digitalization leads to resource efficient services to all the stakeholders
and saving of time.
During the Vigilance Awareness week, students were made awareness about the transparency
in the service delivery. Debates, seminars, quiz competitions, were conducted by the staff
members to create awareness amongst the students and other stakeholders.
Mr. Vaibhav administered the integrity pledge to all the students and staff members and guided
the students to follow the spirit of peace, ethics and promotion of integrity for a better living.

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