The students and staff members of Bharatesh Education Trust’s Global Business School visited Ashraya foundation a home for HIV infected girls and women as part of intuition’s social responsibility initiative on Friday, 3rd Dec 2021 with an objective to learn about the functioning of NGO and the challenges they face in their operations.

The founder Ms. Nagaratna Ramgoud highlighted the aim of establishment of Ashraya foundation and the support facilities being provided to the needy girls like education, employment and healthcare etc. Presently the foundation has taken the responsibility of 18 girls from Belgaum district.

Ms. Nagaratna Ramgoud guided the students on health issues of HIV, its spread and the precautions to be taken for a safe life. Mam inspired the students to spend at least one hour in a month to contribute towards the wellbeing of the society. Mam also highlighted the significance of setting goals in one’s life and dedicatedly working towards its achievements. The Students and staff members of the institute contributed grocery products to the foundation and supported the noble cause initiated by Ashraya foundation for the betterment of girls.

Staff members, Mrs. Ranjana Chougule, Mr. Vaibhav Veergoudar and students coordinated the visit under the ISR club of the institute

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