Class Rooms

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Our Class Room

Our Class rooms are the sanctum sanctorum of Global B Schools. Since a student is expected to have constant interaction with peer students and faculty members for at least over six hours every day, the class rooms have been completely air conditioned. Each student has an independent power and wired data access to global resources. These semi theatre class rooms have latest audio visual projections along with satellite cable television.

Wi-Fi campus

Students at BET’s GBS are privy to a unique Wi-Fi campus. The 24 x 7, Wi-Fi campus enables the students to get on-line anywhere on campus without the hassle of wires and plug-ins. The campus, truly, is the high tech face of the new-age BET’s GBS. Incidentally, BET’s GBS was the first Management College in the country to adopt this technology, amongst many.

Intranet Resources

The Information Technology Team is in-charge of developing and maintaining the intranet websites. We have a host of intranet websites to assist the students in their academic endeavors. Right from an online marketing repository, hosting over 7000 advertisements tracking various brand promotions over the years, both national and international, to an internal knowledge repository WIRED, to InfoDrome. Our contribution in helping BET’s GBS move to a paperless work culture, these resources help our students gain that all important edge over the competition.

Accommodation Facilities

BET’s GBS assists in securing accommodation for outstation students. The facilities are available in close proximity to the campus and students are charged a nominal fee. The Foreign Students’ Cell, in turn, assists foreign students in all their accommodation requirements.


An all day cafeteria ensures fresh refreshments and lunch for busy minds

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