Observation of International Day of Yoga

Worldwide every year 21st June is celebrated as International Yoga Day to create awareness among the people on the importance of practicing yoga. Yoga is one of the ancient practices originated from India which makes an individual physically, mentally and spiritually strong.

Students were educated on the importance of doing yoga on daily bases and how it facilitates strengthening concentration power and building good health. Students were enlightened upon natural benefits and how yoga can prevent a number of diseases. Event also emphasized upon the formation of the International yoga day logo which includes the essence of nature, earth, water, energy, unity and oneness.

Dr. Uma Patil, Yoga Coach and Reiki Grandmaster from Sohum Wellness Studio; guided the participants on the eight limbs of yoga, Yamaz to be practices for a better life, Practice of Non-violence towards our self and others, Rational thinking & Learning to say NO in a gentle manner, Non excessive consumption for holistic development, Contentment & Self-discipline, Supreme consciousness for knowing the real aspects of the life and the benefits of yoga with the live demonstration of pranayama for better health and spirited personality at workplace.

Dr. Prasad Daddikar director BET Global Business School inspired the students to inculcate the habit of practicing yoga and contribute towards building a healthy and wealthy nation. Mrs. Ranjana Chougule organized and coordinated the Yoga webinar session on the occasion of international yoga day.

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