Drishti 2012

DRISHTI – The advertising festival conducted at Bharatesh Global Business School

Entrepreneurship is the buzzword today. Businesses worldwide function with the main motive of creating wealth to the stakeholders. However, a new breed of entrepreneurs is inclined towards businesses that bring about a positive benefit to society. Examples abound of young management graduates who conceptualise and build a business whose sole aim is not about reaping money but bringing meaning to society. These social entrepreneurs are in a league of their own, who must be emulated. Imagine a world full of such social entrepreneurs. All it would take to inspire others is to know and understand that businesses can function, thrive and grow all the way while keeping societal benefit in mind. Drishti 2013 aims to rekindle the spark of Social Entrepreneurship, which is the theme for this year. Let’s join hands, shape some more lives and make the world a better place.

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