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BETGBS students pay homage to Maheshwari Blind School.
One of the most powerful decisions you can make in your life is to do something for someone who does not have the power or resources to return the favor. When you give yourself to help other people, you cannot help but be abundantly rewarded .
BETGBS students conducted a CSR activity of contributing meals [breakfast and lunch] to the blind school students. Students studied the system of imparting education to the blind students and were stunned with the hope and will of the blind students to live as regular individuals in spite of impairment is amazing.The school does employ over 5 blind teachers with the rest of the team. The school authorities addressed that even teachers who serve the blind school undergo training in Delhi for one year where they are blindfolded and taught how to impart education to blind children, so that they feel and see the world of the blind. Nearly 6-7 months goes in teaching the kids living skills of eating, dressing, toilet habits, sensing the surroundings etc.
The students play games like chess, cricket etc. Some of them are also trained on art and craft, singing, dancing etc. They travel to various states like Dehradun , Bangalore for competitions and have bagged several prizes .Their education system is based on BRAILLE system and for their SSLC exam , a translator from standard 9th is brought in to write the exam for them. They are also taught computer skills with new software that even permits them to surf on the internet. It was a poignant moment to see them read by touching dots on the books. Also ,astonishing was that the school has been delivering cent percent results .The entire MBA students commended and motivated them.
Many of their students are employed in banks, postal department; some of them even come back and join schools that cater to the blind as teachers, lab instructors. The Principal did mention that though they are visually impaired, their 6th sense is very sharp.
It was a cherishing experience to see the determination and grit of blind students to excel in life.It encouraged and motivated all the MBA students .

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