Visit to Swami Vivekananda Memorial

The students and staff members of Bharatesh Education Trust’s Global Business School visited Swami Vivekananda Memorial with an objective to learn about spiritual perspective in the management education for ethical practices

The coordinator of the memorial highlighted the aim of restoration of memorial and establishment of museum and galleries to showcase the life of Swami Vivekananda ji for youth to absorb the good qualities for realizing perfection in the given tasks/roles.

Swami ji guided the students on spiritual traits of mind and senses control for prosperous life. Swami ji inspired the students to devote some time in a month to contribute towards the wellbeing of the society as along with monetary support our society needs involvement of good people for betterment. Also highlighted the significance of setting social development goals in one’s life and dedicatedly working toward its achievements so as to make our parents proud.

The Director, all staff members and students coordinated the visit under the ISR club of the institute for divine experience.


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