BET’s GBS Celebrated Sambhrama 2K22

Bharatesh MBA students celebrated two days cultural fest titled as Sambhrama. The event was organized with an objective to provide an opportunity to students’ to exhibit their talent.
The dress code for first day was Retro. Best out of waste, Fruit and vegetable carving were the two events for the first day. The students showcased their creativity by making unique products made out of waste. Participants prepared very distinctive and beautiful objects in an artistic way out of fruits and vegetables like Indian flag, birds, flowers and animals etc. Students enjoyed the treasure hunt event solving tricky puzzles and hints.
The theme for second day was traditional attire and events like fireless cooking and fashion show was organized. The students prepared delicious food and walked the ramp. The event ended with announcing prizes for various events.
The students had a good learning experience of organizing cultural days and created memories to cherish. The event was coordinated by Ms. Shivani and Mr. Manjunath along with other MBA students.

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