Students at BET’s GBS are privy to a unique Wi-Fi campus. The 24 x 7, Wi-Fi campus enables the students to get on-line anywhere on campus without the hassle of wires and plug-ins. The campus, truly, is the high tech face of the new-age BET’s GBS. Incidentally, BET’s GBS was the first Management College in the country to adopt this technology, amongst many.

21st Century belongs to “Era of Web Information” as Internet plays backbone for every aspect of life. Understanding the need and importance of Internet in the field of education the BET’S GBS. BETGBS campus is supported by round the Wireless connectivity (Wi-Fi) of 20 Mbps and has strong backbone of 4 access point links throughout the campus which covers each and every corner of the campus including college canteen. With the help of which the students can access online information anywhere in and around the campus using their Laptops even after the normal college hours.

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Reasons for wi-fi Campus

* Campus Wifi based on the Wireless IEEE 802.11n standards.
* High speed Wi-Fi coverage across the campus
* Hacking-resistant and Secure Connectivity
* Consistent Wi-Fi performance at range, Indoor and outdoor
* Integration support with Campus E-learning tools
* Aesthetic set-up and no cabling
* Easy Integration of WIFI by simply plugging a power outlet portables, cafeterias, auditoriums, Conference Halls, and Lecture halls

Benefits With Campus wi-fi

* High powered and cost effective Wifi connectivity for complete campus
* Multiple networks for Students, Teachers and Admnistrators
* Optimal Wifi speed and Secure WiFi and Wireless Connectivity
* Seamless WiFi roaming for Students, Faculty, Administrators

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