BET’S GBS has an excellent transport facility for the faculty, staff & students with flexible and competitive fare. The institute buses are operated in maximum routes in Belgaum City. Buses are well equipped with GPS, Mobile phones for the convenience of the students and staff. The transport facility remains available for any kind of emergency round-the-clock.


Instructions to the Bus Users:

1. Cell phones are not allowed in the bus.
2. Do not use cell phones / i-pods / musical instruments etc. in the bus.
3. Discussions causing disturbance to the others is strictly prohibited in the bus.
4. Wear student identity card and carry bus pass at all times in the bus.
5. Ragging is strictly prohibited.
6. Users should board the bus in their respective stop / shift allotted to them only.
7. Disciplinary action will be taken on those violating the above rules.
8. In case of emergency contact – Convener, Transport Committee.

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