Quality Policy

Bharatesh Education Trust’s Global Business School commits itself to achieve total student satisfaction by nurturing, empowering them to become leaders In their chosen fields of business and industry.

Bharatesh Education Trust’s Global Business School will adopt an exclusive approach to achieve continual in all its areas of work also associated with students, industries and society.

Quality Objective

1 To develop students with the right knowledge, skills and attitude to fit into the needs of  society, execute roles in the corporate world and contribute towards community development.

2. To inculcate moral and ethical values towards students’ empowerment.

3. To impart knowledge and interact with organizations of similar interest in order to develop global competency among students through quality education.

4. To reach and serve the deserving and deprived through management education and thus contribute to National Development.

5. To strengthen Institute-Industry Interaction in order to ensure industry ready professionals.

To provide a learner-centric environment and necessary infrastructure for enabling meaningful learning.

7. To provide continuous quality improvement and scope for innovative practices.

8. To encourage research activities in collaboration with local institutions, associations, industries and business houses.

9. To undertake consultancy in the area of management and conduct MDPs, FDPs & Training & Development programmes.

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