International Mother Language Day celebrated at BET’s Global Business School, Belagavi

BET’s Global Business School celebrated Matribasha Diwas or International Mother Language Day with an objective to create awareness about the linguistic and cultural diversity of all the mother languages. The theme of International Mother Language Day 2021 is “FOSTERING MULTILINGUALISM FOR INCLUSION IN EDUCATION AND SOCIETY.”

Mrs. Ranjana Chougule welcomed the gathering and highlighted the importance of learning in Mother Language for a better foundation among the students. Dr. Prasad Daddikar highlighted the significance of mother language across the world and he said that it describes our socio-cultural identity and connects us with the roots of our origin.

Ms. Fatima, Ms. Sonali, Ms. Chandravva, Ms. Shivani, Ms. Akshata, Mr. Prashant, Mr. Praveen and Mr. Shreyash, students of MBA 1st & 2nd year expressed their thoughts on their mother language, its value in one’s life and its development.

Dr. Padmapriya guided the students on the origin of Matribasha Diwas celebrations and reiterated the rich linguistic diversity of the country and called upon the students to feel proud of our own Mother Tongue to maintain the tradition.

Mr. Hrishikesh Jadhav proposed the vote of thanks and appreciated the efforts of students.

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