Guest lecture by Mr. Mahesh Jadhav

Mr. Mahesh Jadhav founder of Mahesh Foundation addressed Bharatesh MBA students and shared his valuable insights.  He shared with the students the challenges being faced in the process of setting up Mahesh foundation. He told that all started when he saw a four-year HIV infected child lying neglected at the Hospital without proper treatment and the child was abandoned by parents. And this incident led to his decision of doing something for underprivileged children. He then started giving shelter to HIV infected children at his home itself. There are more than 200 people are working for Mahesh foundation and many are volunteers. He stressed upon fact that positive and voluntary contributions from society is making lots of difference in the life’sof such children. He inspired the students to start social ventures and work for the betterment of the society. During the question answer session, he shared his vision of having a society with no HIV infected children and helping the needy.

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