To give a much needed impetus to physical fitness and health of the citizens of India, ‘Fit India Movement’, was launched in BETGBS campus on 29th August 2019


Our students are the future of the country and should be physically and mentally fit. It is essential that a culture of physical fitness and good health is created within every Institute for students, teaching & non-teaching staff etc., so that our campus vibrate with healthy and energetic people full of enthusiasm for learning.

On the occasion of National Sports Day, BETGBS in association with Rotary Club Venugram, Lakeview Foundation and High-Tech group, Belagavi organized fit India Fit Belagavi Campaign to the students and staff members.

Dr. Shashikant Kulgod Director Lakeview hospital Belagavi urged everyone to take up fitness as part of their daily lifestyle to get rid of ailments and highlighted the importance of running as it will prevent many diseases related to heart and bad effects due to sedentary lifestyle

Addressing the gathering at the Campus, the Mr. Pattanshetti from Rotary Club counselled all the students to inculcate a culture of fitness. If the body is fit, the mind is hit. Referring the country’s health statics, the members said that diabetes and hypertension is increasing in India every day and is not even sparing the young too. Diabetes and hypertension prevalence is high in middle and old age across all geographical areas and socio-demographic groups in the country.

Zumba trainer and Fitness experts Mr. Karan and Ms. Rasika demonstrated various exercises to students to stay fit and make them to do Zumba Dance for fitness.

Dr. Konkane, Prof. Mahesh and Dr. Prasad from BET associated during the event along with staff members and the event was coordinated by Mrs. Swatee Jog

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