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In the recent past a lot of new opportunities have opened up for businesses. Rapid strides in technology has been the backbone of many of these opportunities. These have helped entrepreneurs start up their own ventures or created employment opportunities for those desirous and capable. Expansion has occurred in banking, finance, retail and telecom. Make in India, Digital India, Smart City and many other initiatives will add exponentially to this growth. More number of qualified and able Management students will thus be required. A good post graduation course in Management Studies prepares a student to address business needs.

Management is a stream where theory and practice go hand in hand. Series of observations of practical occurrences get conceptualized as theory. What is written as concepts or theory can be easily observed in day-to-day actions. Therefore, management is a practical oriented course. The more we meet people and interact the more we learn. The more we observe, more we gain.

Be it Marketing, Finance or HR, it is all about application. Consumer Buying Behavior, Customer Relationship Management, Systematic Investment Plan in Mutual Funds, Cross Selling or Up Selling – be it clothes, automobile, FMCG, wherever we look for examples, one can easily find them.

Therefore, if a budding manager gets her or his concepts, basics or “fundas” right, life in the real world becomes much easier. What is learnt has to be applied in the individual setting.

Another important aspect of Management education is the holistic thinking it brings into any decision making. Pricing one believes is decided by Marketing alone, recruitment is solely HR role or costing is the responsibility of Finance specialists. A MANAGER brings all perspectives together and takes the best decision in the interest of all stakeholders. This is true if one is an employee or an entrepreneur.

Thus taking up a career in Management is extremely helpful in making a person suitable to either start own business or excel as an employee.

We at Bharatesh Education Trust’s Global Business School (BETGBS) strive to give the best of both. Good amount of theory supported by exposure to the practical environment. A well stocked library, well equipped computer center, study tours, summer internships, mentoring of individual students, regular projects and hands on experience through exercises are some of the important features of MBA at BETGBS. Meeting successful entrepreneurs and interacting with practicing managers give students a lot of exposure so that they can make up their minds on the area of their interest. Recently BETGBS has been accredited by NAAC with “B” grade. This helps us reinforce the systems and processes which lead us to achieve high levels of excellence.

All this culminates in good placements in start-ups and established companies. Some of our students are successful entrepreneurs while others are placed in organizations such as Ernst & Young, Larsen & Toubro, Accenture, Kirloskar, Oracle, Ultratech, Wipro and so on.

Best wishes to everyone who is part of the BETGBS family and it will be a pleasure to add more in the days to come.

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Director, BETGBS

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