Alumni Association

You, our Alumni, embody the spirit of BETGBS and inspire current students to follow in your illustrious footsteps and make their mark in the world.BET GBS understands and values your selfless contribution to the Institute. In order to facilitate your interaction with the institute and within the Alumni fraternity itself, the Alumni Team has been constituted as an integral part of the Students Council. The alumni section has been launched to facilitate your interaction with the institute as well as the alumni community.

Alumni Association Vision

Our vision is to be a world-class alumni organization that sustains and strengthens the lifelong bond between alumni and BETGBS.
Alumni Association Mission
Our mission is to connect and reconnect alumni, students, parents and friends to BETGBS and each other through experiences and communications for the purpose of generating multifaceted support for the institute


Our Objectives

* Ensuring that our alumni feel a sense of belonging to the alma mater
* Ensuring that the alumni community is well connected
* Establishing and sustaining a link between the alumni and the current students
* Creating a culture of participation so that students outside the team can also contribute to its objectives

Bharatesh Education Trust’s Global Business School’s Library proudly appreciates the books donated by its Alumni

1.Venkamma Doddagoudar

2.Iranna Mujgond

3.Mahesh Shirol

It is such acts of nobility that make Bharateshites Special.

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