Visit to Manufacturing Unit of Parle G Hubli

The first year MBA students of BET’s Global Business visited Elveety Pvt Ltd at Hubli on 28th December 2018. The company is a contractual manufacturing unit of Parle G. It was established on June 26, 1995 by Thakkar Family and has the credential to be the first CMU of Parle in India. Elveety manufactures Parle G biscuits with a capacity of 80 tons a year.  A 20 min video was shown to students which briefed them about Parle products, manufacturing units across India, promotions and advertising of Parle products etc. Students were taken to the manufacturing site and details were provided on quality control, raw materials stock, process of manufacturing, labour management, etc. Finally it was a great learning experience.

Faculty Co-ordinators:  Radhika K.R. and Hrishikesh Jadhav


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